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J. B. TAYLOR - Artist

1917 - 1970

Books, Exhibition Catalogues and Articles on Alberta Art
Referencing J.B. Taylor

J.B. Taylor Landscapes, exhibition catalogue, J. Allison Forbes, text
 Edmonton: Edmonton Art Gallery, 1973)

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The Sublime Revisited, Mountain Paintings of J.B. Taylor, exhibition catalogue, Jetske Sybesma, text
 (Edmonton: FAB Gallery, Department of Art and Design, University of Alberta, 1990)

Ainslie, Patricia and Laviolette, Mary-Beth, Alberta Art and Artists
 (Calgary: Fifth House, 2007)
 [Note: the one Taylor painting included here on pg. 59, Composition #2,1968, has been incorrectly reproduced upside down]

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 (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2007)

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 [Note: the four ink drawings are by J.B. Taylor but are incorrectly attributed to a Jack Turner]

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